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SORE NO-MORE Massage Shampoo

SORE NO-MORE Massage Shampoo

$ 12.95
The world famous SORE NO-MORE liniment combined with a plant-based shampoo. Uniquely formulated without harsh sulfate cleansers. Arnica-based herbal shampoo cleanses while refreshing and revitalizing the body. Rinses easily, leaving hair silky, smooth and shiny without any residue.

Contains a proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with arnica, rosemary, lavender, lobelia, natural cocoa derivatives, vegetable protein oil/conditioner, avocado oil, coconut oil, essential coconut oil essence, and vitamins A, D and C. No harsh chemicals or sulfate cleansers.

Directions: Spray away dirt. Wet body or legs. Apply to body, sponge or hands and rub in to create cleansing lather. Rinse. For equine and canine use only.

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