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Love to Ride Journal

Love to Ride Journal

$ 30.00

A Journal For People With A Passion For The Process.

This is a 2022 calendar complete with mindset and goal setting exercises as well as, extra pages for journaling.

Journaling puts you in touch with the you that is at your core. The time you spend journaling is self-care and an act of self-love. When we use our journal, we not only track our progress, but we can also visualize and plan for the future. Small decisions will hold big meaning in the future. Use your journal to help keep you accountable to yourself.

Stories of failure, other people’s opinions, judgment, and mistakes can fester. They can cause anxiety, lack of confidence, and a poor sense of self. When we journal, these stories take on a new light. We can see the error in our misguided emotions and turn the story around. This creates more productive memories and ultimately a more positive learning experience that leads to success.

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