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Horze Curb Bit, Mullen

Horze Curb Bit, Mullen

$ 69.99

Horze Curb Bit, Mullen

  • Traditional Mullen style curb bit with straight bar
  • Stainless Steel
  • Includes curb chain
  • Pair with Bradoon bit for complete dressage double bridle
  • Thickness: 1/2 in (14 mm) C.L: 135mm. Cheek piece is 5 1/2 in altogether, from mouthpiece down is 3 in, mouthpiece up is 2 1/2 in
  • Always wash a bit after each ride. Remove from bridle and soak in hot water. Use small brush to remove residue. Dry with clean towel

Use this straight bar Mullen curb bit with the Bradoon to complete a double bridle.

Use this Mullen-style bit with a Bradoon bit on a Weymouth, or double bridle. This stainless steel curb bit with straight bar mouthpiece will not pinch or irritate the horse.

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