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Wow! Stain Remover & Whitener Spray for Horses

Wow! Stain Remover & Whitener Spray for Horses

$ 19.95
  • Formerly Wow! White On! Spray for Horses
  • No rinsing required!
  • 360° spray bottle- will spray upside down
  • With peppermint oil
  • Veterinary formula
Unique biodegradable, natural formula breaks the bond between dirt, grime, feces, urine, dust and stains attached to the hair and skin of horses. Specifically formulated to remove protein based stains; turn yellowed tails, manes and feathers back to their natural color; restore the natural color of light-colored manes and tails, Palominos, Pintos, etc.; and keep the white on horses of any breed white. Natural brightening action, not a bleach, dye or stripping agent. Safe, clean, easy-to-use and no purple mess! Works best when stain area is kept moist and over time. Enzyme activated.

Directions: Apply liberally. For mane and tail - Spray on and brush in. Leave in for sustained action. For stubborn stains on tails, spray on and wrap overnight to keep moist. For body - Brush loose dirt and/or rinse horse and spray difficult green spots. Rub in with towel and leave in. For socks and feathers - Spray on, brush in or rub in with cloth and leave in for sustained action. After washing socks and feathers, apply and leave in.

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