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U-7 Gastric Aid Horse Supplement

U-7 Gastric Aid Horse Supplement

$ 45.95

Revolutionary formula aids in promoting healthy appetite, performance and attitude. All-natural vitamin/herbal blend helps promote a healthy foregut and hindgut, relieves gastric distress and improves overall well-being more effectively with longer lasting benefits in 30 days. Safe for foals and recommended for horses confined to stalls or engaged in moderate to heavy work schedules.

Other antacids and drugs contain calcium, magnesium or aluminum which only neutralize and produce more stomach acid. Palatable U-7 Gastric Aid formula contains soothing ingredients, including cinnamon, aloe, carrot, slippery elm, cabbage, MSM, licorice and ascorbic acid. Will not test positive and can be given over extended periods.

Powder - Each oz contains 870 mg ascorbic acid, 540 mg MSM, 110 mg apple pectin, 54 mg brewers yeast, 34 mg grape seed extract and 10 mg zinc gluconate. Dosage: 1 oz twice daily for 30 days, then 1/2 oz twice daily. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

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