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ThineLine Dressage Monoflap Short Girth Black - 2080

$ 89.99 $ 124.95

The ThinLine short girth is made out of almost 100% ThinLine!

  • Softness with Ventilating Breathable Technology
  • Distributes Pressure Evenly
  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal for Healthy Skin
  • No Rub , Non Slip

If you are seeking the best in performance and comfort with the easiest care you have found your favorite girth. Soft, moldable no slip ThinLine provides a custom fit for your horse.

With leather reinforcement tabs behind the roller buckles, and a unique nylon stabilizing D system, the short girth ensures equal pressure to keep horses comfortable. The anti-fugnal features of ThinLine foam allow use on multiple horses without spreading fungus and rain rot. This girth is designed to fit long billet saddles like dressage and mono-flap saddles. This girth is the top choice of ThinLine riders. Horses love it and saddles stay in place.

Care instructions: We recommend the use of ThinLine Cleaners for these products, as they have been tested and are completely safe for the ThinLine foam lining and do an excellent job of cleaning the leather in an all natural product. Or just wipe with soap and water. Easy care, long lasting. Please do not use oil based cleaners like Lexol. Oil will harden the ThinLine material and you want it soft for years! If you do not purchase our cleaners please use dish soap and water or baby wipes. 

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