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Horze Tendon Boots

$ 29.99

Horze Tendon Boots

  • Tendon boots to protect the fetlock and cannon bone
  • Elastic strap and hook-and-loop fastener for a close fit
  • Plastic outer shell with a neoprene lining for support
  • Great value
  • Matches fetlock boots #19416
  • Sold in pairs
  • Plastic, neoprene.X-Full/Warmblood measurements: Height: 10.5"; The circumference around the fetlock portion is 14 3/4 inches (while just sitting and not on a horse so measurement can change). Length of Pony: 8.5"-8 3/4" and the length of Shetland: 7 3/4"
  • Will wash off with a spray of the hose after a workout. Once you let them Air dry, they will be ready to use the following day

These durable protective boots will be your favorite everyday protection.

Made from plastic and neoprene for plenty of support while training. The big, wide hook-and-loop fasteners keep these tough boots in place and your horse's delicate cannon bone and fetlock area completely protected. They are peace of mind and comfort for your mount at an affordable price. Match with fetlock for all-around protection to complete the look (Item # 19416). These boots are sold in a pair.