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Horze Reflective Halter - Orange

Horze Reflective Halter

$ 29.99
  •  HIGH VISIBILITY HORSE HALTER - This bright orange halter will ensure your horse is seen, whether you are trail riding at night or riding alongside the road. Stay safe, stay seen!
  • REFLECTIVE TAPE - Strategically placed reflective tape on the nose, cheeks and crownpiece give an extra degree of safety.
  • ADJUSTABLE THROATLATCH AND CROWNPIECE - Make the perfect fit with the easily adjustable throatlatch and crownpiece.
  • STAINLESS STEEL FITTINGS - The durable metal fittings will withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Just wipe down or clean with soapy water and rinse thoroughly before air drying.

Give your horse extra visibility in low light with the Horze Reflective Halter.

Always be safe while riding at night. This reflective halter is a bright orange halter with reflective tape at the cheek and crown piece that makes certain you are seen in the dark. Not only great while riding, this will make finding your horse in the field at night a cinch!

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