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Horze Pony Halter 22278

$ 14.99
  • Nylon halter with soft, cushioned fleece padding at crown and nose
  • Narrow webbing in fun stripes
  • Silver color chrome buckles and quick snap at cheek for small hands to attach
  • 100% polyester
  • Rinse with water
  • Air dry

The Pony Halter is a classic halter and the perfect match to the Pony collection.

This pony size halter is the perfect match to our other pony items. Soft padding on the crownpiece and noseband protect from chafing. The easy to snap chrome closure at the cheek is just right for small hands to grasp. Fully adjustable headstall and jaw strap make it easy to adjust to small horse or pony heads.

nose band=25 Inches
the throat latch=10 Inches
length of the cheek pieces= 5 Inches
and head stall =17 Inches

nose band=26 Inches
the throat latch=11 Inches
length of the cheek pieces= 5 inches
and head stall =19 Inches.

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