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Horze Boar's Bristle Face Brush 26042

$ 3.99
  • Soft boar bristles
  • Wood block
  • Convenient shape
  • Comfortable fit
  • Rinse thoroughly after grooming. Air dry

A natural face brush with soft bristles.

This durable brush is constructed with 100-percent, natural Boar hair for a smooth and easy brush. The trim body will softly remove loose hair, dust, and dander without irritating your horse. Designed for sensitive areas like the horse's face, ears, and neck, this brush is gentle but thorough. This features densely packed, all-natural Boar bristles embedded into a natural solid wood molded block, varnished to a smooth and beautiful gloss finish to ensure comfort and grip even when wet. The convenient shape provides a comfortable fit, with soft bristles.

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