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Grand Calm

Grand Calm

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Grand Calm
  • Helps horses relax and regain their focus so their attention is on the rider and the ride
  • Provides 6,000+ mg magnesium from four sources, plus 1,000 mg theanine
  • Paste provides higher ingredient levels for rapid stress relief in an easy-to-use syringe

Grand Calm calming supplement from Grand Meadows.

Drug-free calming supplement helps control high anxiety in horses that are tense, easily spooked and inattentive. Supplies four types of magnesium for maximum bio-availability and to help broaden the effects. Also supplies amino acid theanine, an effective aid in relaxation. Helps horses relax and regain focus so their attention is on the ride. Non-herbal; all ingredients are exempt from FEI restrictions. Paste is a quick, easy way to provide rapid stress relief to keep horses cool and calm. Contains 6,750 mg magnesium oxide, 1,500 mg magnesium carbonate, 1,500 mg theanine, 700 mg thiamine and 300 mg magnesium chelate. Feeding Instructions: Administer contents of syringe directly into horse's mouth 2 hours prior to trailering or other stressful situations. Pellets contain 4,480 mg magnesium oxide, 1,032 mg magnesium carbonate, 1,000 mg theanine, 500 mg thiamine, 200 mg magnesium chelate and 50 mg organic magnesium per oz; and guaranteed min 19% crude protein, min 4.3% crude fat, max 3.1% crude fiber, max 2.5% calcium and min 0.46% phosphorous per lb. Directions for use for 1,000 lbs body weight – 1 scoop daily. 1 oz scoop enclosed; 5 lbs = 80 servings.