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black stretch bell boots

Horze Ice Wrap - Single

$ 12.99

Finntack Easy Stretch Bell Boots

  • Rolled collar around pastern prevents chafing
  • Easy pull on style prevents boots from coming undone or coming off
  • Durable rubber absorbs shock and prevents overreaching
  • Flexible comfort
  • Great value
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Remove any debris and hose off. Bell boots may be cleaned with mild detergent, if needed

Pull on these lightweight bell boots for long-term pasture turnout.

Made with the finest natural rubber to provide maximum protection to the bulb area of the heel, these bell boots are quick for you to put on or pull off, not your horse. Natural, easy-stretch rubber adds flexibility, resiliency, and durability. Double thickness at the bottom and vertical ribbing provides added protection to the hoof.