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Essential Equine Tea-Pro Wound Spray

Essential Equine Tea-Pro Wound Spray

$ 18.95
  • Veterinary formula
  • Safe on horses, dogs and cats
  • 360° spray bottle

All-natural first aid wound spray contains nature's best antiseptics and healing agents

Rapid-acting, very safe, easily-applied, non-greasy wound solution utilizing nature's best remedies. Superb for aiding in treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, burns and abrasions, sores in mouth from bits or teeth problems, and other wounds. Non-irritating; no alcohol smell or sting; retards proud flesh. Can be used directly on wounds.

Soothing formula contains pure tea tree oil, comfrey, myrrh, goldenseal, emulsifier and aloe vera in deionized water.

Directions: Gently clean affected area, removing all dirt and foreign material. Shake well. Spray directly on affected area or open wounds 2-3 times daily, coating area liberally.

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