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EQyss Equine Crib-Guard

$ 24.95
Protects horse from harmful effects of chewing, gnawing and cribbing. Alcohol free. Long-lasting. Safe to apply on painted, wooden, plastic or metal fences, stalls, gates, blankets or other surfaces that a horse desires to chew. Will not irritate skin or harm vegetation.

Contains purified water, pepper extract and bittering agent.

Directions: Use only in well ventilated areas. Remove horse to treat stall. May be repeated consistently to deter chewing until fixation stops. May cause slight discoloration. Spray can be used on exposed areas of wraps and bandages for extra protection and is safe for leather, including reins, leads and halters; will not stain blankets or wraps. Do not soak wraps and bandages. Applicator brush included with gel.

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