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e3 arga oil shampoo

E3 Argan Oil Shampoo

$ 17.95
E3 Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Gentle shampoo containing natural argan oil
  • Available in a high-lathering, concentrated shampoo or a waterless shampoo spray
  • Dog friendly
  • Made in the USA
Restores smoothness and rejuvenates dry, tangles and damaged hair. Locks in moisture and restores luster and shine to hair and coat. Fortified with vitamins A, C, E and F which are Nano-Encapsulated in a sustained and controlled delivery system. This allows for better absorption, penetration and diffusion of vitamins which help prevent inflammation and aid in the healing process.

Directions: For shampoo - with ample water apply liberally onto animal’s coat until lathered. Rinse thoroughly. For waterless shampoo - spray generously onto coat. Rub into coat and towel dry. No rinsing necessary. Repeat process as needed.

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